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When starting a company you must…

Jenny & Heather: Be passionate about what you are going to do.

The best business advice you ever received…

Jenny: A fellow retailer once told me not to worry about each day’s sales results but to look at the entire week.
Heather: Don’t take it personally. It’s just business. (I have a tendency to take everything too personally.)

I love what I do because…

Jenny: I get to be around the most amazing customers who love to dress their children.
Heather: I love traveling and finding inspiration. I love editing and choosing what we believe is the best. I love meeting designers. And of course, working with Jenny!

Being your own boss is…

Jenny: Not taking everything that happens too seriously.
Heather: A luxury. It allows me to see my boys after school, play tennis once in a while or take an extended vacation (which always turns into a buying trip). It also means that work will find you wherever you are. You will never leave it entirely at the office.

Never be afraid of…

Jenny: Change. Sometimes it is for the best.
Heather: Failure. You’ve got to try or this would be a very boring life.

Our biggest challenge is…

Jenny: Working together from two different cities.
Heather: Growing from one store where we both did everything together to two stores, two locations and possibly more.

We overcome that challenge by…

Jenny: Having fantastic buying trips in New York and Paris. It’s a dream come true!
Heather: Being more organized, working harder. And lots of phone calls.

I love children as clients because…

Jenny: There is so much joy in watching children have an opinion on what they wear.
Heather: They are pure joy! They lack inhibition.

Heather Whitney Rosenfield (left) and Jenny Belushi photographed in The Poppy Store by Jeff Vespa

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