What do you get your Gemini best friend? Your Scorpio mother-in-law or Libra coworker? For Holiday 2018, we asked Susan Miller, famed astrologer and Astrology Zone founder, to select the perfect presents from Tory’s Holiday Gift Guide for each zodiac sign. Here, she talks about why Sagittarius goes for form and function, Capricorn the model leader, Aquarius the trend setter and Pisces the romantic. Read what Susan says about all the signs here and here, and shop her Astrology Zone Gift Guide by Zodiac Sign here.

Sagittarius makes international travel her lifestyle choice. To celebrate her birthday, she’s headed to Gstaad, Switzerland, a setting so sumptuous that celebrities and royalty frequent the area year-round, and especially at holiday time, the time of Sagittarius’ birth.

Sagittarius embodies the Greek theory that a strong body leads to strong mind and spirit…the reason this sign strives to exercise and stay slim and fit. This sign is born with strength, agility and speed, each an asset that allows her to excel in sports.

In Gstaad, the brilliant white snow looks like confectionary sugar on the soaring Swiss Alps, and is the perfect powdered consistency for skiing. It’s a scene out of a fairy tale, just waiting for Sagittarius’ arrival. The ski outfit she wears is beautifully cut and strong on high tech fabric for utility. Sagittarians want comfort, for she is always moving at the speed of light. When skiing, flexibility and function reign supreme. Of course, Sagittarian women want to look glowing and radiant too, but she’s an all-natural girl, so she wants to look like her wardrobe pieces were put together in an effortless way, even on the slopes. Nothing must look contrived, for with Sagittarius, form always follows function.

Capricorn is an ambitious soul and says work is her play — she’s right, too. She is warm and kind, a model leader. She makes a point to take good care of those in her employ. Birthday time is coming, and unlike her Sagittarian sister, she would rather stay back and finish up business deals before she can ring in the New Year.

To celebrate her birthday, surprise her with tickets to a Broadway show before dinner. After, a simple but well-prepared meal in a special occasion restaurant with her one-and-only would be just up her ally. Choose a club-y atmosphere like the 21 Club, Four Seasons Pool Room, or a restaurant in a historic landmark building.

Her style is classic and understated; she loves separates and favors neutrals in fine natural fabrics. The Capricorn woman does not want fussy or too colorful to distract from her professional image and authority. Ever practical, classic, well-designed items will serve another function as well, for she will be able to wear her new separates through many climate changes and several seasons.

She will be coming to meet you straight from the office, and she’ll adore the comfort, ease and elegance of separates. You will rarely see a Capricorn woman in what looks like costume jewelry, for she likes real gold and precious gems, or those jewels that are close to looking real.


The Aquarian woman is a kaleidoscope of charming facets. She is all about the future. Sometimes she will say or do something that seems off the grid, until, in time, you see that she was ahead of the curve. She was ordering matcha and making smoothies long before you started to read about the wellness trends in your morning paper.

If you criticize her in any way, she will listen, shrug her shoulders and walk away, for her strength is in not being affected by what other people think or say — she uses her own yardstick for success.

Inside every Aquarian there is a little bit of a rebel. If, on the first day of a new job her manager says, “We have always done things this way,” she will do just the opposite. She will be on the mission to find better methods and will question tradition. Her ruler is Uranus, the planet of all things unexpected, sudden, idiosyncratic, disruptive and creative, teaching her that rules are meant to be broken.

Ms. Aquarius is a highly intellectual sign that relies on science to inform her decisions and worldview. Aquarians are drawn to jobs like rocket science and space exploration, all phases of engineering, code writing, it, software and app development. Our Aquarius heroine is also interested in the humanities, charities, and helping large groups that have been marginalized or overlooked by society. Aquarius is idealistic, and remarkably manages to create massive societal improvement through her efforts. She is not pretentious, or elite in her message—for her, it’s always one all for one, and all for one, across all socio-economic lines. Aquarius is magnetic and sparkles even brighter on electronic or digital media including TV, radio, podcasts or the Internet where she her presence becomes larger than life. Thanks to her pure heart and a genuine need to help, she can easily build an enthusiastic support for causes she believes in.

Aquarians have many friends but only a few acquaintances get into Aquarius’ inner circle. In love, she has to be “friends first” before love can grow—debating various concepts is delicious to her.

To delight Aquarius, you will have to give her something striking. Her mantra is “think different” and she will get you to think that way too. You will soon see that she is one of a kind and as they say, when she was born, they threw the mold away.

Pisces is said to be the most imaginative and creative sign of the zodiac, for her ideas come from deep within her subconscious, made strong and active by her ruling planet, Neptune. Pisces sees beauty in places others overlook, synthesizing them into something fresh and new for her artistic expressions. There is rarely one source of inspiration for Pisces. Her viewpoint is unique and special.

Pisces is strongly right brain, seeing symbols, chords of music, scents, colors, and even tastes of foods as clues of messages that form the underpinnings to the mystery of life. Life can bruise Pisces; she is super-sensitive and can have her feelings hurt with the tone of a word. That’s why she needs time alone to think, reflect, pray or meditate.

Pisces is deeply intuitive, and her heart tells her first what to do, before she can fully articulate why she must follow what her instinct dictates. Pisces often have prophetic dreams as well and she usually writes them down and decodes them—they inform her of the mystery that is life.

Pisces is kind, Pisces cares, and Pisces gives. She is not one to set boundaries, for she feels if someone needs her help, she should not have set barriers. It’s been said call 911 and a Pisces will answer.

At work, Pisces needs a measure of independence and autonomy. Pisces does not like to be on the clock, because she might do best work at night, after the phones and texts calm down. Inspiration and imagination cannot be structured, and Pisces needs that freedom to work at will.

Pisces are often drawn to working as designers, actors, artists, composers, musicians, film directors, screen writers, poets, dancers, choreographers, set designers, lighting experts, photographers, costume designers, movie makeup artists, hair designers, perfume creators and those who work on web design. Her work is usually stunning in grace and originality. Pisces make talented astrologers, too, due to their masterful interpretation of symbolism so necessary in a horoscope chart. Pisces also make great psychiatrists, social workers, nurses, sleep doctors, oceanologists, deep-sea explorers or marine biologists.

Each sign rules a different part of the body, and Pisces rules the feet. Pisces loves shoes more than any anyone you know, and this is why she is the Carrie Bradshaw of signs. She has more shoes than she will ever have time to wear. She is the ultimate romantic and still believes in fairytales. She always loved the story of Cinderella best, for it is a story that revolves around a shoe.