What do you get the wine lover? Hint: not wine. Jordan Salcito, New York City sommelier and founder of Bellus Wines, offers her own advice on things to thrill someone with a discerning nose and palette.

Caudalie Skin Care

“Caudalie, a French skincare company, was founded in Bordeaux. The founder’s parents own the esteemed Château Smith-Haut Lafitte. I first heard of their products from a Burgundian winemaker. The products are made from various elements of the grape. My favorite is the Pulpe Vinaminée Ant-Wrinkle Cream.”

Zalto Wine Glasses

“These elegant, delicate hand-blown Austrian glasses are relatively new to the U.S., but they’re quickly gaining in popularity. The Zalto family hails from Venice, though they’ve lived in Austria for six generations. Every single glass is hand-blown. If you want to start with one style, go with the Universal, which works well for red wines, white wines and even champagne (whose flavors can get muted in an unflattering flute).”

Personalized Laguiole Corkscrew

“Another no-fail gift for the wine enthusiast is a personalized wine key. My favorites are Laguioles, which are handcrafted in Aubrac, France, and which are as practical as they are beautiful. Owner Frédéric Camboulives is able to engrave just about anything into the handles (from a name to a logo to…). He also offers some incredibly cool options in the rare section, such as handles made of mammoth tusk.”

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