In her new book Toss the Gloss: Beauty Tips, Tricks & Truths for Women 50+ Andrea Robinson tells it like it is, separating fact from marketing fiction. And she should know. She’s worked her way up the editorial ranks — from Mademoiselle to Seventeen to Vogue — before doing the same in the corporate world. Andrea was the first female president of Ultima II and went on to nab that top job at both Tom Ford Beauty and Ralph Lauren Fragrances. So this insider’s guide is truly an insider’s guide, packed with invaluable advice and beauty-industry revelations on everything from foundation to fillers. Here, her pro tips on perfecting your lip color.

1. For a fuller mouth, dab the slightest bit of Vaseline or shiny moisturizing lip balm on the middle of the lower lip.

2. For a fuller upper-lip look, dot highlighter between the peaks of the lips (the Cupid’s bow).

3. When choosing between two colors, opt for the lighter one. Pale colors make lips look fuller.

4. For a longer-lasting color, apply lipstick straight from the tube, blot with a tissue and apply the lipstick again. The second swipe will also add shine and coverage.

5. Before using your lip liner, cover your lips with foundation, concealer or primer — this will also help the color last.

6. If you’ve made a mistake and your lips are too dark, gently blend in some foundation or concealer to lighten them.

7. Test lip color in the store on your fingertip — not the side of your hand! — as that is closest to your natural lip shade.

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