Far left: Gordon’s Cup; center: Boulevardier; far right: Moscow Mule,
photographed by Angelo Pennetta

The Chateau Marmont’s bartender shares the secret recipes for a few cocktails
that harken back to the days when Marilyn Monroe and Greta Garbo were regulars, and you might just spot James Dean unwinding after a day on set…

Gordon’s Cup

4 slices fresh lime
4 slices cucumber
2 oz New Amsterdam gin
.5 oz simple syrup

Muddle the lime and cucumber. Add ice and combine with the gin and simple syrup. Shake well and pour into a glass. Garnish with a slice of lime and cucumber.


1 oz Famous Grouse scotch
1 oz Carpano Antica
1 Maraschino cherry
3/4 oz Campari

Combine all ingredients over ice. Stir well and strain into a coupe. Garnish with a maraschino cherry.

Moscow Mule

2 oz Russian Standard vodka
.5 oz Ginger beer
Fresh lime

Combine the vodka with ice. Top with the ginger beer and garnish with a slice of lime. The classic vessel for this cocktail is a copper mug, but you can use any type of rocks or highball glass.

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  • Booooooo!!

    Those are not the ingredients to a Boulevardier. Scotch and sweet vermouth is a Rob Roy.
    Also, there is no way any bartender, particularly one at Chateau Marmont, uses 5 full ounces of simple syrup in a Gordon’s Cup or any other cocktail. That would unpalatably sweet.
    This article is madness.

  • No.

    Wait, what? I have to second what the previous commenter just stated. I’m a bartender, and I’m positive these recipes are completely wonky. A Boulevardier is in fact a bourbon Negroni (equal parts bourbon, Campari, and sweet vermouth) and 5 oz simple syrup in one drink?!? It’s scary that such unbalanced/incorrect cocktail recipes would get published…

  • http://www.telescreen.org Vidiot

    Half an ounce of ginger beer? Scotch in a Boulevardier? I hope the Chateau Marmont does better with its drinks than that.

  • No

    I think it is 0.5 oz, not 5oz.