Eugene Souleiman

The Look
Hair parted in the center and tucked behind the ear on one side. So there’s this sharp side and then hair falling down on the other, a combination that’s quite sensual and romantic.

The Inspiration
It’s always subtle with Tory. There was the armor reference and I wanted the hair to feel a little bit helmet-like, but not helmet. And there is this amazing earring cuff with a chain in the collection — we wanted to show that off.

How to Get It
All we’ve done is we’ve parted the hair with quite a strong, deep center part, tucked it over the ears and left it to dry naturally. Brushed it out afterwards and tucked it over one side of the ear. There’s no weight in the hair, it can move and fly, but it’s also naturally flat — it just melts around the shape of the head.

And What You Need
The beauty of this is it’s not really styled. We’ve used absolutely no product, just freshly washed hair. The trick with this hairstyle is to tuck the hair behind your ear when it’s wet. The shape of your ear and the shape of your head create soft movement in the hair. And the wave looks like a natural wave, not like it’s been curled.

Diane Kendal/Tory Burch Beauty

The Look
It’s all about luminous skin and soft, sultry eyes.

The Face
Prep the face and apply light coverage foundation, then fill in the eyebrows and brush them – not really giving them strong definition but just a beautiful shape.

The Lip
On the lips we’re Tory’s Pas du Tout. It’s a really beautiful natural, almost nude-y color. To apply, I always use a brush and, once it’s applied, I dab it with a finger to make sure it sits nicely on the lips.

The Cheeks
I used Tory Burch Bronzer & Blush — it gives a really beautiful, fresh, natural hue to the cheeks.

The Eyes
We used a coppery, slightly shimmery grease paint and applied it across the lid, blending up into the brow bone and underneath the eye, too. Then we used a brown pencil underneath just to give a soft, smoky effect. On top of the eye, we used a black cream liner — very close to the lashes, just extending out a little bit. We curled the lashes, but no mascara.

Take the Look Day to Night
For night, just add a little bit of kohl on the inside of the eye, add a little bit of mascara and go for a slightly stronger lipstick.

Kim D’Amato/Priti NYC

The Look
A very effortless, neutral soft pink.

The Shape
A classic square shape — it’s wearable and easy-to-go.

The Color
Fairy’s Petticoat from Priti NYC. You’ll see a lot of different shades of pink all season, but this is very rich and chic-looking.

Number of Coats
Two. First you always have to put a base coat on or your nails can get yellowed. And then you put two coats of the polish on and then the top coat. It’s very easy.

Insider Tip
I like to use a nail strengthener and a cuticle oil. And we have a remover wipe that’s made from soy, which is very moisturizing.

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Photographs by Noa Griffel

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