Astrology expert Susie Cox tells us what to expect in the air sign of Aquarius (January 19th – February 18th).

Happy Birthday, wild Aquarius! Mercury is going to be retrograde in your sign from February 7th through February 28th. This is a perfect time to reorganize your life. You know you’re in the mood.

There will be several planets in your sign of Pisces from January 30th through February 3rd. You might feel emotional, but channel it into creativity.

February 3rd and 4th will be truly exciting days for you. Expect unusual situations in your love life during this time. Avoid being impulsive.

You have had the south node, the point of letting go, in your sign of Taurus for the last 1½ years. It finally leaves on February 17th. Release the very last of anything that makes you feel stuck before then, and you will feel free!

Your power dates are February 8th and 9th. Have a party or get-together on February 9th, and you will have more fun than you’ve had in many moons.

The moon joins Jupiter, both in your sign of Cancer, on February 10th and 11th. These are perfect days for an impromptu family reunion.

The full moon is in Leo this month, and it occurs on the very special date of February 14th, Valentine’s Day. Plan something dramatically fun on this love day, because it’s all yours.

Your power dates are February 15th and 16th, when you will have a chance to influence people in positions of power. Put important meetings on your calendar now.

Mars is in your sign of Libra now and will be there until July 2014. These next few months are the best time for you to start something new in your life. Achieve your dream, why not?

Saturn is in your sign of Scorpio for the entire year of 2014, so this is your last year in 30 years to release what you don’t want to keep in the future. See this time in your life as a once-in-30-year housecleaning.

Sagittarius loves to travel and these are perfect days for a quick weekend getaway. Plan for January 25th and 26th to be somewhere that will ensure you unusual experiences. Be adventurous, Sag!

The moon, Venus and Pluto all join together in your sign of Capricorn on January 27th and 28th. Spend time with your mother, aunt or female mentor for a deeply loving time.

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