Our Fall 2013 collection isn’t the only place where you can spot the influence of Art Nouveau artists like René Lalique and Gustav Klimt. A number of museums around the world are holding exhibits dedicated to that era. The Decorative Revolution at la Pinacothèque de Paris traces the movement in France and its eventual segue into Art Deco — an accompanying exhibit on Tamara de Lempicka completes that arc — while the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston focuses on Dutch works during that period in Holland on Paper. Meanwhile, the National Gallery in London is hosting a major exhibit, Facing the Modern, that zeroes in on portraiture in Vienna, with classic works by Art Nouveau rock stars Klimt and Egon Schiele as well as other fin-de-siècle artists you might not know — but should.

Posthumous Portrait of Ria Munk III, 1917-18, by Gustav Klimt
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