What inspired Fall 2013?
I have visited the Neue Galerie here in New York so many times, and was inspired by the work of Gustav Klimt and the confident women in his paintings. His colors and textures were a great starting point. I was also looking at the work of René Lalique. So there’s a romanticism to the collection but a sense of ease and fluidity, too.

What are the accessories of the season?
It’s all about the details when it comes to our Fall accessories. Bags are jeweled or feature intricate quilting or patchworking treatments. We did heels with dragonfly embellishments, embroidered loafers, chunky booties and flats with monkstraps, which are a great, menswear detail. There are a lot of great jewelry pieces, too, especially bracelets and pendant necklaces.

What are you wearing in this picture?
I’m wearing the Tia top and Uma skirt. I love the calla applique here — it’s inspired by the curvilinear lines of architect Hector Guimard’s designs in Paris. I think it adds a nice feminine touch to a simple shirt and skirt silhouette. We also did some great outerwear featuring these florals — the detailing is beautiful but also very subtle.

What are the colors of the season?
Plums and berries. And there are so many great shades, from dark burgundy hues to brighter reds and purples. I like combining these similar-yet-different tones in one look, like here, for sophisticated contrast. I’m also liking deep blues, teals and malachites — you’ll see more of that to come.

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