Legendary artist Georgia O’Keeffe was characteristically Scorpio: passionate, imaginative and fiercely independent

We could all learn a thing or two from Scorpios. Those who fall under the Water sign (October 22 — November 21) are thrill seeking and fiercely independent. When you march to the beat of your own drum — as Scorpios are known to do — there is never a dull moment… Below, astrologer Susie Cox takes us through the next month for each of the zodiacs.

Happy Birthday, Scorpio! This will be a powerful birthday month for you since both Mercury and Mars are traveling with the Sun and all are in your sign of Scorpio. Mercury is about communications and Mars will stimulate your thoughts. Scorpio is usually quite private, but if you are ready to come out of your cocoon, now is your time to be more social.

Dear Sag, Venus will be in your sign until November 5th. Venus is all about beauty, art and abundance, so you have permission astrologically to indulge in pleasures. Embrace this soon so Venus can help you. Think big abundance.

You are in for quite a ride soon, dear Cap. Venus will enter your sign of Capricorn on November 5th and won’t leave until March 6, 2022! Why does Venus have such a long stay? Because Venus will do a fairly rare retrograde in Capricorn. This will be a long time for you to adjust your life accordingly. You will have issues arise that can be solved during that time. Fasten your seatbelt.

Mid-November is your power time this month when the Moon will join both Saturn and Jupiter, all in Aquarius. You will face situations related to others who might seem to overreact. Your Aquarius nature will naturally understand it is their issue and not yours. Don’t take anything personally.

All the planets in watery Scorpio are now aligning beautifully with your Pisces Sun. You will feel stronger and more willing to confront challenges this month. A little bit of the Scorpio intensity will rub off on you, sweet Pisces. You will put on a Scorpio face for just a while.

All the Scorpio planets in the sky are in your money house this month. This is a great time to look at your finances and decide what to do next. A bit of organization is called for now and you will be glad you checked on everything. You are more successful than you realized.

The Full Moon will occur in Taurus on November 18th and will be an Eclipse of the Moon. It’s only a partial eclipse but is still worth watching. An Eclipse happening in Taurus will connect with you powerfully. This will be the time to release whatever no longer makes you happy, which is everything from cleaning out your closet to cleaning out stress. Be strong, dear Taurus.

Your Gemini Sun is in a positive alignment with both Saturn and Jupiter, who are both in Aquarius. Jupiter will bring you opportunities while Saturn will help you accomplish them. Focus on what you want and it will happen, fairly easily, Gemini. Writing and publishing are favored.

There is a perfect triangle happening between the Scorpio planets, Neptune and your Sun, all in the element of water. You will feel very supported by your family and friends now. Of course, you are so nurturing that love always surrounds you. . . . maybe, even more, this month.

The end of November will likely bring a need for you to make big decisions. Many will be about business but there will be some personal choices you will need to make too. Know that all of this is just helping you adjust your life for the better. You are in charge, of course.

With Neptune and all the planets in water signs now, you will feel a bit softer and more creative than your normal Virgo self. Are you up for taking a yoga class or doing some art? This is the time to go a little out of your comfort zone. It will be less scary than you think.

Both active Mars and mental Mercury are in Libra now. Mars will leave on October 30th and Mercury leaves on November 5th. If you have any writing or communication projects that you are working on, finish them by those dates and you will be in tune with the flow of the Universe.














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