Fun, educational, inspirational…Michelle Obama’s new kids cooking series Waffles + Mochi checks all three boxes. The former first lady — who, during her time in the White House, lead a national public awareness effort to improve children’s health — both stars in and executive produces the show, which releases today.

The series follows two puppets, Waffles and Mochi, who come from the “land of frozen foods.” Viewers of all ages can join in on the adventure as the two characters travel the world, learning about new foods with celebrity guests, including Tan France and Rashida Jones, and cooking alongside renowned chefs, like Samin Nostrat and José Andrés. Each of the 10 episodes is grounded in a different ingredient — tomatoes, salt, rice — and holds an important life lesson, such as moderation and patience. For Obama, it’s about nourishing the body and the mind.

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