Don’t let your closet drown you out. Photo by Keystone/Hulton Archive/Getty Images.
No time like the present for taking on a major home organizing project. Perhaps you’ve decided to make sense of the mystery spices floating around in the kitchen cupboard, or tackle the avalanche of serums and potions in the medicine cabinet.

While your wardrobe might not be top of mind at the moment, don’t forget that closet edit that you’ll be thankful for when the clouds lift and getting dressed won’t be a fantasy-fiction exercise. We reached out to our favorite closet clean-out guru Liana Satenstein, a Vogue senior fashion writer who moonlights as The Schmatta Shrink (now open for digital business!), for her tips on a brilliant closet cleanse.

Old Shoes = Old News

Shoes are the things people have the most trouble letting go of. Toss any with worn-out soles unless you’re willing to invest in a repaired sole. Word to the wise: Liberate your yourself from the fantasy shoes in your closet. You’ll likely never transform into the wild party animal who is comfortable wearing five-inch heels if you weren’t that person to begin with.

Time to be Honest with Yourself

Time to be real with your (present) self. No matter where you fall on the sentimental spectrum, trash the “thin” or “fat” pants.

How to Limbo

When it comes to “limbo clothes,” pieces that take up unnecessary space in your closet which you feel somehow obligated to keep, don’t toss them into oblivion. Give them to a friend who you know will appreciate them

Don’t Toss Too Far, or Much

Sorting through your old bags and pockets, you’ll likely find important souvenirs from chapters past and mementos from exes. Keep those things. Only part with them when you know you are good and ready.

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