To kick off the Olympics today in London, we enlisted UK singer Marina and the Diamonds — aka Marina Diamandis — to come up with a summer games soundtrack, both inspiring and energizing. She pulled her favorite tracks from her new album Electra Heart for us, and talked about her favorite Brit bands and what’s inspiring her now.

Describe your sound and style…
My sound is Dark bubblegum pop. I’d describe my style as girlie, coquettish and tongue-in-cheek, with a serving of mischief!
Your inspiration these days…
I love the singer Princess Chelsea. And villainous characters, like Nellie Oleson from Little House on the Prairie!
Your style icons…
I pull a lot of ideas from everyday life. I’m not sure if I really have one style icon, though I admire Gwen Stefani and Shirley Manson.
Favorite Brit musician of all time…
Song suggestions for getting in the Olympics mood…
Bubblegum Bitch
Starring Role
The State of Dreaming
How to Be a Heartbreaker
Power & Control

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