Image via @send_more_mail

There was a time when the fastest way to let anyone know you’d made it to Niagara Falls, Morocco or the citrus-soaked coast of Florida, aside from popping a few coins in a pay phone, was a  postcard. Rifling through these vintage letters, at the flea market or local thrift store can transport you, ever so briefly, into a different world — one where travel was a novelty and letters were a necessity for basic communication, storytelling, and even declarations of love. Frame your favorites, or send them to friends for a full embrace of #destinationanywhere.

The retro images and dramatic, sweeping text on the front — Greetings From San Francisco! in a wonderful, bold font —and the handwritten opening lines — “darling,” “love,” “sweetheart” — feel so personal and reignite a desire to pick up a pen and send a few postcards yourself.

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