Richard Avedon’s stark black and white portraits earned him a place in the cannon of photography and a devoted following among fashion cognoscenti. Through July at New York’s Gagosian Gallery, see his life-size group murals of iconic characters who shaped the 60s and 70s — from Andy Warhol and The Factory gang to activist Abby Hoffman and poet Allen Ginsberg. What Avedon manages to capture is so intimate it makes you feel like maybe, for even just one moment, you were there with them….

Andy Warhol and members of The Factory: Gerard Malanga, poet; Viva, actress; Paul Morrissey, director; Taylor Mead, actor; Brigid Polk, actress; Joe Dallesandro, actor; Andy Warhol, artist, New York, October 9, 1969. Photograph by Richard Avedon © The Richard Avedon Foundation.

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