Photograph by Noa Griffel
What was your most memorable Christmas?
Growing up, Christmas was an incredibly special time. My family and I would spend an entire day decorating our tree with tinsel, ornaments and lights. My mom, Reva, would decorate the house like a holiday wonderland…singing Santas, tons of lights. It was magical. Friends and family were constantly stopping in for dinner, hot chocolate or just weekend visits. Today, we all come together as often as we can. And trimming the tree is still one of the most special nights of the season for me. It brings back memories of my childhood and of when my boys were little. My other favorite holiday pastime? Playing pranks on my brothers… One year, I wrapped kitchen utensils, bricks and anything random I could find and put them under my brother Jamie’s pile of presents. Needless to say, he was a bit disappointed the next morning!

How are you spending the holiday this year?
I have always dreamed of having a big family — the more really is the merrier. That came especially true this year, and my house is full from Christmas to New Years. Full of friends, family and love. We will be spending time in New York with our friends and family before taking a few days off in Antigua.

What are your favorite gifts to get and to give?
For me, the best presents are thoughtful and meaningful, and I would always rather do something with friends or family. That said, I love when my boys give me custom playlists, and likewise, I always pick up something special and one-of-a-kind for my mom when I’m traveling. I always try to think of things that the person would never get for themselves but would absolutely love..

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