• White, Red, Blue & Green #1, 2016, by Kitty Chou
  • Red, Green & Blue #1, 2016, by Kitty Chou
  • White on White #1, 2016, by Kitty Chou
  • Blue, Aqua & Brown #1, 2016, by Kitty Chou
By its nature, a camera depicts the world around you in its truest form — right? A quick snapshot of what-you-see reality? Not so in the hands of Kitty Chou, who flips that notion on the head with her painterly abstract works; they’re actually straightforward photos. What look like fantastical reveries of color, light and shadow — abstract pools of swirling paint, for instance — are really photographs of reflections on water and metal. In other works, she transforms 3D objects — a stairwell; the edge of a doorframe — into flattened geometric forms and color fields. See the metamorphoses for yourself at Hong Kong’s Ben Brown Fine Arts, which is hosting her show Kitty Chou: Countervision till July 27th.

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