What are the days leading up to Christmas like for you?
Busier than usual because of the holiday break and parties — so for good reasons.

What’s your holiday look?
This season, I have been mixing in sporty elements, like the tracksuit-inspired Neville jacket and sweater paired with sequins (the Cove skirt). It’s easy to go from work to dinner or a cocktail party.

How prepared are you for gift-giving this year?
I think I am all done actually. I learned a while ago not to wait until the last minute. I like to spend the weeks leading up to the holidays spending time with friends and family.

What’s your expert gift-giving tip?
I try to find things that are unique and unique to the people receiving them. When I travel throughout the year, I am always keeping an eye out for that rare, special item, artisanal piece or artwork that you can only get in that location. Or I’ll look for vintage and antique objects. For instance, my brother is an avid fisherman and one year I found these amazing old fishing books that had incredible illustrations.

What are you giving this year from Tory Burch?
We peppered a dove motif throughout the collection, as appliques on our classic Continental wallet and new Half-Moon satchel, and sculpted in delicate gold hoop earrings and a ring. It’s a symbol of peace and love that always makes me smile when I see it.

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