David Hockney at Rising Glen in Hollywood Hills, 1978, photographed by Michael Childers/Corbis

It’s no accident that we chose a photograph of artist David Hockney lounging in the pool. The famed British artist is renown for his fascination with and depictions of pools and pool culture in L.A. And, it so happens, this also ties in perfectly with our horoscope of the month: Hockney, born July 9th, is a Cancer and Cancers, writes astrologer Susie Cox in Susie’s Sun Signs, are water signs with a predilection for swimming “or at least splashing around in the pool.” Some of his most famous works include the Pop painting, A Bigger Splash, which captures that dynamic yet serene moment someone jumps off a diving board and disappears under water.

Cancers, Cox adds, are the most domestic members of the zodiac. “You need to feel safe and comfortable in your home,” she explains. “When a crab is poked at, what does it do? It retreats within the safety of the hard shell that it calls home.” Which should come as no surprise to those who know the shy Hockney.

“I’m not that social,” the artist noted in a 2011 interview with his friend Charlie Scheips for ROM magazine. “I don’t mind if I’m never invited back. I’m a smoker, they don’t like that. But I don’t care, I’m perfectly happy at home actually.”

To discover what you can expect from the water sign of Cancer (June 21st – July 22nd), keep reading Cox’s horoscopes below.

Happy birthday! This will be quite a month for you, because the planet Mars is right next to your sun in Cancer until mid-July. You will feel much stronger than usual. Make a statement of who you are to the world, which would be a perfect birthday present to yourself!

This month starts off with your power dates of June 21st and 22nd. Jupiter, Venus and the moon all join in Leo on those dates that you can see just after sunset. June 21st is also Father’s day, and might be the best day of the summer for you to have a family gathering.

This is a month for you, dear Virgo, to finish up some much needed correspondence. You know what I’m talking about. Just do it and you will feel relieved beyond belief.

Your sign of Libra is the natural diplomat of all the astrology signs. Good thing, because you will be involved with a sticky family situation on June 24th and 25th. Somehow, magically, you will bring it to a completion on June 26th. Good for you!

Yes, Saturn is now back in your sign of Scorpio and will be there for the next few months. On June 28th the moon joins Saturn, which will give you a good peak at what the next phase will be like. Pay attention to what happens on that day for clues.

There is a very benevolent perfect triangle in the sky on June 30th. The moon in Sagittarius will align with the Jupiter and Venus grouping, ensuring that extra good opportunities are coming your way. You’ll find yourself in the right place at the right time.

The full moon is in your sign of Capricorn on July 1st, which is always a reason for you to celebrate yourself. Mars is next to the Sun now, so this full moon will have an extra kick. Be prepared for some excitement.

The sign of Aquarius loves freedom, so your holiday could easily be Independence Day or the Fourth of July. This year, the moon is in your sign of Aquarius on that very day. Be sure to do something wild to celebrate your incredible Aquarius individuality.

Your power dates this month are July 5th and 6th. Mars aligns with your Pisces planets, to give you an inner strength of conviction that is so strong that you will have to listen.

Mars is your planet and it playing havoc with you right now. So don’t feel bad if you are a bit testy or impatient now, as it would be hard to avoid. Try instead to be physical and maybe hit the gym a little more often for the next month.

Your sign of Taurus is usually cool and calm, but don’t feel bad if you feel a bit more agitated than normal. There is a lot of stress between the planets now, so even the stable Taurus in you is more temperamental than usual.

Sweet Gemini, you’ve had a rough few weeks with that Mercury retrograde in your sign being punched by Mars. Your mind has been racing as you pace the floor. OK, Mars leaves Gemini on June 24th and Mercury leaves on July 8th, so I promise that you will start to feel better. Promise.

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