Jack Kerouac
Poetic. Spiritual. Visionary. Those are three key words astrology expert Susie Cox uses to characterize Pisces in her book, Susie’s Sun Signs — but they could just as easily describe our Pisces of the month: Beat writer Jack Kerouac.

That Kerouac was poetic is a given — he was an incredible poet and even his novels were revolutionary for their lyrical beats and sensibility, spontaneous and free-flowing spills of words not unlike the jazz compositions that influenced him. Visionary? All the Beats of his time were — Allen Ginsberg and William S. Burroughs complete the trifecta — as they ushered in a new cultural age, impacting generations of creatives from the Beatles to Bob Dylan and Patti Smith. As for his spiritual side, Kerouac was into Zen Buddhism and even called himself a religious wanderer, a.k.a dharma bum, which became the title of his 1958 novel The Dharma Bums.

“[Pisces] have the most vivid imagination of all the signs,” Cox adds, noting that they often, as children, have imaginary friends. Kerouac, in fact, had full teams’ worth of them. Few people know that the writer created his own fantasy baseball game as a kid — complete with cards and diagrammed charts — featuring invented players (Wino Love, Warby Pepper and Zagg Parker) on imaginary teams (Boston Fords, New York Chevvies). He also had his own fantasy horse-racing circuit. Kerouac played both by himself.

To discover your horoscope from Cox, now that we’re in the water sign of Pisces (February 20th – March 20th), keep reading.

Happy Birthday, sweet Pisces! This could be a very exciting birthday month for you with both of the sexy planets, Venus and Mars, in your sign. Love is in the air!

February 21st through February 24th is a special time for you, dear Aries. Venus, Mars and the Moon all enter your sign on exactly the same day of February 21st. If you have a clear horizon, you can watch them join right after sunset in the Western sky.

Venus will be in your sign of Taurus from March 17th through April 11th. This is your time to pamper yourself with luxury. Maybe a spa vacation is in your stars.

You could serendipitously meet up with an old flame on February 23rd or 24th. The conversation will flow so easily that you might wonder why you broke up. But don’t worry, very soon it will all come back to you and you will remember why.

On February 27th through February 29th you might be a roller coaster of emotions for a couple of days. Why is everyone around you so impatient? Don’t take it personally… it’s the wild energy of the planets now.

Your power dates are March 1st through March 3rd when everything you touch will turn to gold. You will feel invincible, so plan for important meetings during those days.

The full moon is in your sign of Virgo on March 5th. This only happens once a year and is your time to shine. There are a lot of planets in Aries now, so do something as exciting as your Virgo can handle.

Your power dates this month are March 7th and 8th. Your Libra gift of persuasion will be put to the test when it seems like everyone around you needs to be calmed down. Staying in your naturally balanced state of mind will help everyone.

This is the month for you to start exercising more seriously and maybe even hire a trainer to keep you on track. You will quickly see changes in your body as well as your attitude if you take on this challenge. Yes, you can do it!

Your power dates this month are March 11th to the 13th when you will want to tackle a project that has been on your plate for quite a while. It will start slowly, but will then gain speed and come to completion quite nicely.

Capricorn likes to be in charge, since you’re the authority figure of the zodiac. But on March 14th and 15th, there will be a challenge to your power. Never fear, you will win and feel stronger because of it.

You might still be reeling from the recent retrograde of Mercury in Aquarius. It was a strong one and probably disrupted your life and, yes, for the better. Did you clean things out on a deep level?

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