• Word of Mouth: Alexander Calder at Christie'sRattle in the Orange, 1969
  • Word of Mouth: Alexander Calder at Christie'sUntitled, 1965>
  • Word of Mouth: Alexander Calder at Christie'sLe Cheval-Caillou, 1968

Alexander Calder is perhaps best known for his gently bobbing mobiles, those playful wire works that exist somewhere between sculpture and free-floating drawing (an “inky” contour here, a dab of “red paint” there). But there’s more to this artist’s oeuvre. Did you know, for instance, that he painted a trio of Braniff planes in the Seventies? Or that the famous Ellies, the elephant-shaped prize given to winners of the National Magazine Awards, is a design of his? Or that he was a jeweler, who whipped up beautiful steel and brass brooches and rings? And a painter and printmaker too? This week you can check out some of Calder’s other works at an online-only auction at Christie’s — or swing by the Tory Burch Madison Avenue flagship to see all the pieces going under the virtual hammer. The special pop-up exhibition, which features Calder’s illustrations, gouaches and jewelry, launches with a private shopping event on Wednesday and opens to the public on Thursday and Friday.

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