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The Architectural Digest International Style Editor and stylist extraordinaire
tells us about his chic take on holiday entertaining and decor
— with a little help from Tory’s Home collection.


The key to chic holiday décor…
Be different. Don’t stick to just red and green. Use many shades of green — chartreuse, for example — and bring unexpected colors into the mix, like purple, lavender and orange.

And to set the holiday mood with lighting…
Nothing beats candlelight. Votive candles are a fun way to add color to a table. If you have to use twinkling lights, choose one color — for example, all green, all white or all purple.

And music…
My holiday playlist includes sexy music. I don’t like all that Christmas-carols stuff. Play wonderful Brazilian music, jazz or Frank Sinatra. Pretend you are in the Fifties.

And scents…
I love to burn woodsy types of candles. I love the idea of feeling like you are in the woods or the countryside.

My tip to displaying photo frames
Have them all condensed in one place, not all throughout the whole house. Also try and have frames in one or two different styles.

My favorite holiday flowers…
I love using amaryllis, peonies, carnations in deep colors like red, purple or even white. I love using moss and different types of foliage, like lemon and magnolia leaves, mixed with different types of pines.

When it comes to arranging blooms…
Use black glass containers to add a touch of glamour and drama. I also like silver metal containers — copper is a great addiction, too.

On my Christmas tree you’ll find…
Real and dry flowers and fruits. I also use vintage ribbons in one or two colors like lavender and green.

For a holiday party, I set the table with…
All vintage fabrics in deep, rich colors. I like to mix and match my silverware and china — for example, English and Chinese china with Calvin Klein and bamboo flatware. If the tablecloth is very heavy, I go for simple white linen napkins. I love putting scented accents on top of each napkin or plate. like vanilla sticks, dry lavender or cinnamon sticks. Holidays are not only about visual richness but about smells as well.

And the cocktail I serve…
Eggnog or hot tea garnished with cinnamon sticks or nutmeg. If your guests are adventurous, a splash of whiskey or rum will do.

When it comes to gift wrapping…
Use different and unexpected papers — French or Spanish newspapers like Le Monde, shopping bags like Bergdorf Goodman or even fun stories from magazine pages like Vogue and W.

Video filmed by Chelsey Blackmon

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