Thanksgiving classics — stuffing, cranberries and, of course, turkey — intermingle with newfound additions on Tory’s holiday dinner table. A spiced celery root soup kicks off the festive menu, while gingerbread brownies and cinnamon ice cream offer a sweet finale. And if you’re looking for more than just inspiration, we’ve put together the recipes for both desserts here, courtesy of Chef Adam Ben’Ous. Just click through the slideshow and… have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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  • Kate

    sounds yummy! Where are the recipes???

  • Cassie Gill

    This all looks great, but are the recipes anywhere?

  • Cassie Gill

    I was wondering the same thing…

  • Lana

    The dessert recipes are there! You have to click through. Gingerbread brownies – yum!

  • Cassie Gill

    Oh! Thanks for pointing that out. I wonder if that’s the case on some of other recipe posts. Whoops!