Photographed by Bess Friday

We spoke to the co-founder of travel site Peek on start-up life and how to navigate it.

When starting a company you must…
Recognize your weaknesses and find a great co-founder whose skills complement yours.

The best business advice I’ve received is…
Be persistent. Nothing that is worth doing is ever easy.

I love what I do because…
Every day I get to work with some of the smartest people I’ve ever met, on problems that I really care about. (I also get to read travel magazines and pretend it’s work!)

Never be afraid of…

My greatest talent is…
I think I may have to quote Einstein here: “I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.”

My biggest challenge is…
Punctuality. I’m perennially overly optimistic about how long things will take. Hopefully this year changing it will be a resolution that sticks.

Peek is inspired by…
Incredible travel experiences that enthrall you, immerse you in new cultures, push you out of your comfort zone, and allow you to explore captivating environments you could never have imagined. With Peek, we help you create special moments with friends and family that you will cherish forever.

Gadget I love…
iPhone 5.

Travel tip…
Take red-eyes. Yes, they’re not fun, but think of all the time you’re saving. Make sure you eat well beforehand, don’t get lured in by movies or other distractions and curl into a ball if you’re small enough!

Favorite travel apps…
Peek’s mobile site and Hotel Tonight.

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  • Gorah lover

    I remember her from oxford, she was always stoned, drunk or rude.

    She had no respect for taxi drivers and was incredibly cheap, also she had no shame and would snog some boy right in full view of the driver.

    I had to laugh when she claimed racism – she was more white than the whites

  • George Belgrade

    Really but she’s Mirpuri. They quiet shy

  • George Belgrade

    Well done Gorah Lover for not being afraid to expose her personality. Ethnic people love successful people and overlook their evils.