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Taking notice of the everyday with the award-winning product designer and co-founder of Mint.

Good design is…
Something that’s very well thought out and works not only on a functional level but on an emotional level, the level that puts a smile on your face.

Quickest, easiest way to update a room…
Think about the small utilitarian things — like the dust pan in the closet — and make thoughtful choices about those objects as well as the big furniture pieces. Your house will slowly take on this clever and cool presence because everywhere you look, there’s a story to tell.

I got into product design because…
I’ve always been interested in the arts but really loved the ability to work on something three-dimensional and have it be functional. I love the problem-solving aspect.

My design style…
I like to make sure there is one big idea you can see in the object. And I like to think my work is known for being thoughtful and memorable.

Favorite design of mine…
My Splash bottle dryer for Skip Hop. All the baby-bottle dryers out there were rectilinear and took up a lot of space. I wanted to make mine circular, like a lazy susan. Then I thought, what if it has an integrated brush? And is shaped like it’s making a big splash?

Upcoming projects…
I’m working on some large yachts now. I did a bent-plywood chair for Mint (left) and the editors from Superyacht Design did a story on it. They’ve since asked me to do concepts for vessels. I’m really enjoying it because this is a new territory for me — combining product design and architecture.

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