Q: I love my job. I love my friends. What’s the secret to a work-life balance? — Anjelica, Phoenix

A: As best as possible, try to focus on work while at work and your friends during social situations. Texting and emailing friends while at work or texting work issues during dinner with loved ones can throw everyone off balance.

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  • Beth

    My husband is not growing up. He smokes week, watches hours of television every evening and uses profanity like a teenager. He has a child like temper and I am at the end of my rope. I have been contemplating a divorce and had an abortion because I did not want a child with someone who was not ready to be a dad.
    What do you suggest I explore before making a decision? I do love him and we have very good times inbetween.

  • Jenn Aubert

    Thanks Barbara for the great reminder. Some time the simplest advice is the hardest to follow. It is all about being fully present in the world and being fully present with the people around you. Thanks.