In the Tory Blog’s third annual Mother’s Day series, we’re celebrating our moms all week long. Every day, designers, actors, bloggers and other experts will share memories and great advice. Here, Tory talks about what being mom to three boys has taught her:

1. Have fun. Children have fun no matter where they are. They create fun and live in the moment.
2. Take risks. My boys are not afraid to try new things. They know they might not catch the perfect wave the first time, but they will eventually.
3. Be curious. My children are always asking “Why?” Don’t ever stop asking why…or who, what, when, how.

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  • Bonanza

    love her outlook!

  • Doras01

    Happy Mothers Day Tory…you said it right…beautiful picture…..the water is so clear where is that?

  • Karen

    Tory, Have always loved your style.  From one mom to another, Happy Mother’s Day.

    Ohio gal

  • Anonymous

    Love the dress are you going to make it again?

  • Smithclw

    YES to the dress…please make it again!
    Where are you and Sawyer in this foto?
    You are a great mom…your boys are terrific..

  • Arclarke

    I love your dress, is that one of yours?

  • DC

    I agree. Children live in the moment and have fun no matter what they’re doing. It’s a beautiful pic. What a nice moment to capture. Happy Mother’s Day.

  • Michelle_Schoss

    I love the dress she has on!  Is it one from TB if not where can I get one.

  • Michelle_schoss

    I love the dress she has on!  Is it one from TB if not where can I get one.

  • Michelle_schoss

    did not enter whole email please reply to my second post

  • Legssg

    Where was this picture with the starfish taken?? What beauty.

  • Theblincows

    Would love to have a dress like the one you have on on the photo. Maybe my children could give it to me for mothers day! :)

  • Vridley

    I love the dress and the hat!!:)

  • Ragerm62

    Memories with you Mom last forever! Love the picture.

  • Lucky Mom

    Where is this?  I would love to do this with my son!!!!!

  • alice hurley

    Happy Mother’s Day, Tory!!!!!!! love a fan

  • Chris

    I  love most of your handbags, but could you come down on the price?

  • Mateer18

    I want that dress, Tory!!!

  • Jklade

    Great picture & I love the dress & hat!!!  Happy Mother’s Day!!!

  • TQ

    I wish we could spend as much time learning these wonderful lessons from our kids as we do teaching them about the world :0) And like everyone else here i love the dress – very mexican inspired. Is this a TB? 

  • Huynhanhle83

    I want to buy it but you are not shipping to Australia aren’t u? How can I buy it?

  • Onefabulousmom

    I love this and it is so good to remember! I love what children teach us. Makes us better adults! xo The Mrs.

  • Lisa

    Please make it in turquoise and for petites!  

  • Bzorn

    Yes, Love the dress, is it available for purchase?

  • Shelby

    Words to live by

  • N.A

    Huge fan from Beirut Lebanon. Love ur style & have several TB pieces. But think u should know items retail locally at a huge premium like the Robinson double zip tote @ $870 ($575 online), Reena blouse $420… which kind of beats affordability claim.

  • Anonymous

    love the Mothers Day Series�
    i love being a mom to my 3 children, 2 boys & a girl – amazing watch you can learn by listening, watching  & being involved….

  • Chiccoastalliving

    I love that dress Tory! Where did you get it? 

  • Taylor

    Love when Tory wears orange!