Our new 797 Madison Avenue flagship is finally open! Here, Tory talks about what inspired the space.

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  • Evelez1

    Glamorous, chic, breath-taking, inspiring, and elegant-all discribe this store. Once again Tory Burch exceeds all expectations. As if her products weren’t enough to gasp over :)

  • Eeeee

    to the above comment- i meant “As if her products weren’t enough to gaga over” not gasp lol

  • Laura


    I am obsessed with the way Tory decorates her house and her stores.  Love it!!  I would like to get the exact same brown leather coffee table that Tory has in her NYC apartment.  Could anyone give the information on where it was purchased and what type of leather it is made out of.  I would really like to have the exact one made for my house.  Thank you for any info that you could pass along.