Photographed by Noa Griffel at DooBop’s New York office

Benjamin Bernet’s resume reads like a beauty aisle: L’Oréal, Kiehl’s, Giorgio Armani Beauty. Jodie Patterson, far right, ran Georgia, a beauty line and boutique in Manhattan. Mutual friends introduced them and, last year, DooBop, their online skincare and beauty destination for women of color, was born. The beauty veterans and entrepreneurs — and their intern Krysten Peck, center, wearing Tory’s Tanya top — share the pearls of wisdom they’ve gathered in the workplace.


Benjamin Bernet
DooBop, Co-Founder & CEO

Advice I give to interns…
Be open to feedback and try to learn at least one new thing every day.

One anecdote from my own internship experiences…
One summer, I interned at the French Open in Paris, and I was assigned to be a “security” person at the entrance of one of the main courts. I had to stand in the exact same spot for 12 hours non-stop, six days a week. Without talking to anyone. Without moving an inch. And without being able to see any tennis matches… One of the lowest moments of my professional life.

If I could intern anywhere now, I’d intern…
At Community of Unity, our partner organization, which does an amazing job with inner-city teenagers.

Ambition is…
The desire to live better.

Krysten Peck
Dickinson College

Working with Benjamin and Jodie is…
By far the most exhilarating experience I’ve had at any internship. To have the opportunity to learn and work side-by-side with the founders of DooBop has been nothing short of a privilege. I’m constantly keeping my eyes peeled and ears open to scoop up tidbits of wisdom, advice and lessons along the way.

Most fun I’ve had on the job…
Our team is very small and close-knit, which allows for this infectious, joie-de-vivre energy to consume the work environment and inspire everyone to work harder and happier.

Biggest lesson learned so far…
Your company is as successful as its team members. Teamwork really does make the dream work.

Ambition is…
As important as passion and tenacity. Without any proper motives or goals, ambition can come up short.

Jodie Patterson
DooBop, Co-Founder

Advice I give to interns…
Show up on time and never leave before your boss does.

One anecdote from my own internship experiences…
I was interning for Audrey Smaltz and the Ground Crew as a backstage model dresser at fashion shows. I mistakenly put a very complicated blouse on Iman — backwards! With no time to correct it, she gracefully walked onto the runway and rocked it. I learned at that very moment that calm and elegance rule.

If I could intern anywhere now, I’d intern…
GLBT National Help Center.

Ambition is…
Being relentless. If you want something, grab it. Get it. It’s yours, damn it.

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  • Mel

    I love the fact that this blog contains women of color. I would like to see Tory Burch be more representative of women of color. I absolutely love all of the Tory Burch line and would probably ONLY buy Tory Burch if she would just have more color (skin tones) represented in her website, models, advertisements, etc.

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