Photographed by Andrew Arthur
With her preference for a pared-down palette and clean, classic shapes, Konca Aykan was made to wear our Pre-Fall collection. Here, the Istanbul-based fashion director of Vogue Turkey pairs the directional stripes of Tory’s Tavia jacket with a minimalist top and burgundy flats, for a look that makes a very stylish point.

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  • StevenJSterling
  • Maya Schuller

    I love Vogue Turkey; I follow them on Pinterest! Konca Avkan’s outfit is simultaneously eye-catching yet understated, a vibe that I also think is consistent throughout a lot of Tory looks. A lot of class with a pinch of sass, perhaps? Although when I think about it, my most recent Tory Burch faves ( are probably equal parts class and sass. I absolutely ADORE the leopard print!! Like Konca Avkan, I will be adding an eye-catching Tory print to my closet very soon myself!!