Photograph by Noa Griffel
What do you love about fall florals?
Fall florals evoke a wonderfully feminine, romantic mood, and I especially love the graphic nature of ours — it’s a raised velvet jacquard, so there’s texture and surface interest. I wanted to interpret this fabric in different, cool ways, so we did several styles, from an oversized coat to a tux-style jacket and skinny pants to a great, louche sweatshirt.

How do you wear it?
I’m wearing our Dayton dress in this picture. It’s such a versatile look. I wear it to work, layered over a gray turtleneck, or to after-work events with a high black velvet shoe like Carley or Jezebel. I go understated with jewelry — the graphic floral makes such a statement.

What are some of your other fall favorites?
Velvet feels like such a perfect fall look — it has depth and a richness in deep hues and jewel tones alike. It gets you in the mood for those beautiful autumn days and evenings.

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  • Moses Zyus Paskowitz II

    Aloha Tory,

    You always seem to capture the natural beauty in your prints. Beautiful. Hope to Surf one day together. Alooooooha MZPII

  • Metinee

    I am obsessed with your line. I have 1 bag because I don’t make much,so I seriously save up for it :).

  • Christina

    Tory, I love the classic lines of your creations and adore your entire line.


    Tory,I truly believe that YOU are the best model for your cloths.They “Mean” on you!

  • Monirenee

    I just love anything tory b I buy the wallets cosmetic cases etc i just love your line and your sense of style glad your line came along lol

  • Christina M Brancale

    Tory, I was so busy until forced to be still due to cancer in 2010, I thought I had lost my fashion spark. THANK YOU for fueling my JOY for life thru design, color, fragrance..I have gone a bit mad buying your jewelry and love your attention to fine detail. I love your blog, and your playlists have me beat. You are an amazing woman. If I hadn’t been drawn by your rich fall colors, I wouldn’t have entered into this adult candy land filled with Wayyy too many goodies, but I still dabble. After 23 yrs of nursing, and the last 3 yrs ill, it’s okay! Xoxo

  • Loring

    Christina!!!! This is your long lost sister Loring. Actually, YOU are the long lost!! I thought you were dead, seriously. Sorry for that, but I was so heartbroken! I need to be in touch with you, sweet friend. Can you text me at 813-928-6291 or email I know I shouldn’t put my info out here, but I miss you so much. Still hoping to get you out here.
    Blessings, Loring