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Spotlight On: Jaques Grange
Photograph courtesy of The Mark Hotel

The interior design great — who decorated New York’s Mark Hotel,
where we filmed our Sunglass Style, Entrance to Exit video — shares his favorites.

When I visit The Mark, I love to stay in…
Suites 902 or 1002 or 1102 — or 1202. I feel at home; I love the proportions and comfort.

My go-to order from Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s The Mark Restaurant
The chicken and coconut milk soup are to die for. The Mark Hamburger with black truffle — unique. Sushi Grade Hamachi Sashimi.

Designers who inspire me are…
Dead. (Jean-Michel Frank, Emilio Terry and Charles de Noailles.)

My favorite kinds of rooms to stay in are…
Those that are comfortable, with space and sweet colors.

Favorite color…
Pale gray-blue, the color of Paris’ sky.

Favorite color combination…
Gray-blue and green — the sky and the trees.

First piece of art I ever bought…
An Art Deco piece of ceramic that’s still with me, at my farm in Provence. I always love more and more ceramics.

Last piece of art I bought…
A small Cubist gouache by Eileen Gray. I just bought it at Christie’s and I will keep it in my bedroom… for dreaming.

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