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The designers seemed to have solved work-life balance…they work together! We spoke to Christina here.

We have been together…
We have been married almost seven years. We’ve been together…we’re both not exactly sure.

Best date…
I am not a fan of the date. I believe it is the eye contact and conversation that lets you know they are the one.

Best gift…
Is always the one the other has truly paid attention to, an addition to your irreplaceable collections, hidden letters you will always cherish. In my eyes, most material items are a purchase, not always a gift from the heart.

The first time I saw him…
I knew Swaim fell in love. Haha! He would probably reverse this statement.

What we like to do together…
Speak, have a conversation. Our daughter Lowe does not allow this.

What we don’t like to do together…
Television, sports, sports, sports — causes issues!

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