Ten years ago today, we launched Tory Burch and opened our doors on Elizabeth Street. (Those would be metaphoric doors, of course, since the orange lacquer ones hadn’t arrived in time.) But we opened, thanks to a team effort of friends and family, including Tory’s mother Reva. Some things never change… and we hope they never do. Ten years have flown by, and we can’t thank our customers enough for coming along on this ride. Here’s to the next decade and exciting things to come in 2014.
Photographed by Jeffrey Prehn

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  • http://www.delectablychic.com/ CynthiaC.M.

    Happy birthday, Tory! Here’s to the next 10 and maybe more pieces that would work on shorter frames? Your dresses are gorgeous, but the length is often awkward for people under 5’5″. :( Alterations aren’t always possible if you don’t want to disrupt the pattern.

  • Kim

    Agree–don’t forget you have some petite fans :)

  • http://calicrest.com/ Mishelle Schurtz

    Congrats on ten years!!! Love your classy style, can’t wait to see what the next ten years bring!