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Kelly Corrigan, wearing Tory’s Merida dress, photographed by Noa Griffel

We talk to the bestselling author of Glitter and Glue, a memoir about motherhood and her mother, a.k.a. the glue of the family.

My most cherished memory of my mother…
Seeing her cry in the driveway the first time I had to take my baby back to California.

Of all the lessons she taught me, the most important has been…
Live within your means.

And the reason why…
I sleep better knowing the bills are paid and the college funds are growing.

As a mother, you should never be afraid to…
Fight. It takes commitment to say no and hold the line, but it is often what’s required.

One anecdote I’d like to share that was cut from the book…
At the time I went traveling, I had a boyfriend back in the U.S. It was an important relationship, but I didn’t go into it in the book because this book was about something else entirely. But I feel funny about its absence.

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