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Photographed by Noa Griffel

The Sea Co-Designer on the vanity in her home-slash-showroom (second slide, above)
and how she’s prepping for Fashion Week

The story behind the vanity…
The vanity was given to me years ago by Betsey Johnson when I was Design Director there. She was super generous while I worked for her; she knew I loved this piece and when she was moving apartments she gave it to me. She loved to decorate so it also gave her an excuse to buy something new.Favorite thing about having a vanity…
It feels so luxurious and relaxing to have the time to sit and do my makeup for an evening out. Unfortunately most of the time I am in such a rush that this never happens, but it’s always lovely to look at…Favorite things to keep on the vanity…
Fresh flowers. It’s so pretty how they reflect on the mirrored surfaces.My morning beauty routine during Fashion Week…
Wash my face with Bioderma Sébium H20 Solution, then use Shu Uemura UV Under Base Mousse SPF 30 — it’s an amazing mousse-like base that erases pores, mattifies and tones down any redness. Throughout the day, if I feel tired or just need to rejuvinate a bit, I use Caudalie Beauty Elixir. It makes you and your makeup feel fresher throughout the day.

Before Fashion Week, I stock up on…
Vitamin B patches, they give me the extra bit of energy that I need to get through the endless nights leading up to the collection.

My favorite Fashion Week ritual…
Escaping to All Good Things for lunch around the corner from our studio. It’s such a relaxed atmosphere, and the food is so fresh and delicious.

Best beauty advice I’ve ever received…
My grandmother always said that it’s always best to wash your face with ice cold water every day. It definitely helps to reduce a bit of puffiness.

First fragrance memory…
My grandmother gave my mom a perfume from her village in Calabria made by a local perfumier. It smelled so beautiful and my mom treasured it, only using it for special occasions. I would sneak into her room from time to time to put a few dabs on when she wasn’t looking.

And the story behind the name Sea
Sean [Monahan] was helping me on one of the shows I was styling at the time and at four in the morning he was getting bored of me going through the run of show so was writing his name with a push pin in huge letters on a cork board… He got up to get a coffee and saw “Sea” and started the line. I came along three years later and the brand has unfolded step by step.

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