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Photographer and designer Hanuk chats with us about his new exhibit at The Line, in which he explores ideas of symmetry and loneliness; each abstract painting comes with a twin, cut from the same canvas.

The inspiration…
When I thought about certain emotions, or began to feel them myself, I started working on the line drawings. The colors came from the mood I was feeling at the time, often at night, after having had a martini or two.

The process…
I basically paint and I look at them. It’s not a thought about process. It just happens.

I began these paintings…
This year, mainly during the spring and summer when people were falling in love. Being alone and thinking about the perfect mate lead me to paint.

My first love…
Music. My mother used to take me and my brother to see the Vienna Boys’ Choir around Christmastime when we were growing up in Korea.

A good work of art should always…
Give you goosebumps.

Paintings by Hanuk

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