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The jewelry designer, wearing Tory’s Geoff pant, on her style credo and the versatility of tuxedo pants.


I love tuxedo pants for…
Their versatility — they can easily be dressed up with a touch of sophistication or dressed down with an edge.

How I wear them, dressed-down (top left)…
With The Row for Superga corduroy high-tops, a perfectly worn-in white J.Crew t-shirt and
a lightweight cargo jacket.

And dressed-up (top right)…
With red-hot high heels from Christian Louboutin to add a splash of color and a tailored navy Burberry smoking jacket. I always love to combine navy and black.

As for my accessories…
I’m wearing a Dani Stahl for Lia Sophia cuff and Santo by Zani necklaces.

The top three rules in the Zani Style Guide…
One, never style all the season’s trends into one look. Two, never style yourself as if you are a model about to walk down a runway. And three, when in doubt, go classic.

My trick for getting the most out of a look…

The best style advice I’ve received…
Less is more — from my mother.

Photographed by Hannah Thomson

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