From left: Lydia Mozzone, Hannah Mensch, Emily Schkolnick and Julianne Wilson, photographed by Noa Griffel

The interns for Search Party Music founder Randall Poster, who sets the soundtracks for
everything from Wes Anderson movies to HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, share their go-to playlists.
Hip-hop, burgeoning talent, classic rock — they cover it all. Hear all of them now on Spotify.


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  • Old School Dave

    Don’t see any “old school” hip-hop like the headline says…..

  • healthygirlskitchen

    That redhead in the front is stunning!

  • GGalin

    the brunette is really beautiful… i’ve never seen anyone who looks like that

  • Elle

    Why are you commenting on their looks and not their music taste?