Tory invited filmmaker Tabitha Denholm to shadow her and the team in the intense last few days before the Fall 2013 runway. Tabitha’s dreamy video Making of a Show (above and on Nowness) captures an intimate behind-the-scenes look at Tory’s pre-show process, from late-night fittings to the unveiling of the Gustav Klimt-inspired collection at New York’s Pierre Hotel — all set to the ambient tune of Try to Be by Montreal band Blue Hawaii.

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  • KitKat

    Beautiful film, it captured that beauty and artistry in what is likely a time that has a fair amount of stress. A lesson we should
    all try to use in our own life. Thx

  • Fashion concerned

    I love Tory’s clothes and excesseries, however they are marketed to the 1% ,only. There were no ethnic models. Is this what you want to portray? That the 1% look like this and might dress this way. These clothes are not in sync with the other 99%. It is a show that flagrantly points out there is an us, and who cares about them.

  • Ellen Kollar

    Loved this show, just wish I could afford Tory’s clothes!!

  • wake up

    Fashion concerned is spot on…you are brilliant

  • Rachel Levinson

    I feel like like Ellen Koller….cant afford you beautiful clothing since I lost my Design Store Front…..Racher L.evinson

  • Cara Scott

    Loved it! Very enchanting and captivating.