South of the border, down Mexico way, is where we’ve most recently fallen in love. Of course, Tory’s long been a fan — artists’ haunt San Miguel and Tulum, with its ancient ruins, are two of her travel favorites — but the current object of our affection?
Mexico City, where we’ve opened up a new boutique in Antara Polanco. Here’s our travel guide to the city’s must-see, must-visit
and must-eat spots, from the best place for mescal to Frida Kahlo’s Casa Azul. We’re even throwing in our very own Mexico playlist to get you in the mood.

Go to Tory’s Mexico City Guide here.

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  • Jibby

    Cool write-up!!! If you ever want to do Africa (Lagos city) to be precise, I would gladly do it!!!

  • Romladolcevita
  • Chelsa Skees


  • Tracy

    I visit Mexico frequently, I will have to look for your store the next time I am there!

    BTW, how do bloggers collaborate with TB, I’ve been obsessed for years now and I have offered a ‘Featured Monthly Handbag in the Spotlight’ since 2009, which gets very high Alexa feedback, I’d love to partner with you for that feature, can you send me your email address?


    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly