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Photograph by Joe Schildhorn/BFAnyc.com

The Fashion Director of InStyle on the nonprofit and why it’s a cause close to her heart

The Promise Project is…
A program at Columbia University Medical Center that provides an educational path for disadvantaged New York City children with learning disabilities. Our team of clinical specialists evaluates and advocates for children who require special services and interventions.

I’m passionate about it because…
I raised a child with LD (learning disabilities) and know how difficult, urgent and costly it can be to find the appropriate support.

Three interesting facts I’ve learned…
1. Thousands of children in New York City are suffering from LD. More than 80% will not graduate from high school.
2. LD have nothing to do with how smart a child is. They simply impair a child’s ability to read, write, process information and learn in the customary way.
3. The general public does not realize that there is a proven neurological basis for LD and they are highly inheritable.

One misconception about learning disabilities is…
That these children are lazy and could do better if they just applied themselves and/or managed to pay attention.

To get involved…
Getting involved is easy! Just visit Promise Project to learn more OR buy tickets to our glamorous annual fundraiser, Beautiful Promise. It’s a silent auction of luxury accessories and cocktail party to be held on April 23rd in New York City.

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