What’s the shoe of the season? The new jewelry statement? Find out in our accessories trend report.

Jewel Intentions

Make a statement with jewel tones and bold bijoux, both in accessories and ready-to-wear.

Girl with the Dragonfly Shoe

Graphic, elegant, arresting and just plain cool.

Clutch and Go

Because good things come in small, rectangular packages. When they’re bejeweled, all the better.

Close to Homme

The shoe of the season? Monk-strap styles, inspired by the men’s wear classic.

Swing State

Fall’s new silhouette is the pendant necklace — scarabs, magnifying glasses, gingko leaves and more.


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  • Nicole

    I have the black/silver reva bag which has a short strap. This is the only back that I have that is back and silver so I can’t switch the strap with other one of my Tory bags. I would LOVE to have a crossover strap so I could switch back and forth on my reva bag!! Please let me know how I can buy a crossover strap to add to my collection!!! Thanks!!