The key anchor of a basic (or any other) outfit? The right pair of shoes. We took white jeans and a white shirt — which, it’s safe to say, every woman has in her closet — and showed six different ways to wear the look by switching out the shoes. It might seem impossible to change such a simple style, but it’s all about the subtle nuances (shirt buttoned up or left low and louche?). Hence, our ode to the leg-elongating, forever-chic nude shoe.

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  • Camille DiPaola

    Oh goodness. I LOVE this video. Please do more like this. I shared on LiM’s fbook page and Twitter. Cheers.

  • Susu

    Tory I love your clothes and shoes, but I have a narrow foot. Will you please look into making narrow widths?

  • Michele

    Love the shoes want them all!!

  • Nikoline

    nice video! :) what is the name of the jeans?

  • Dora’s

    Tory my name is Dora’s ,I been looking for slipper that was in target for Christmas my daughter gave me a pair they was leapord print with a gold bar on them someone stood my slipper I’m trying my best to find those slipper because I’m so hurt I been crying all because my daughter well very,very upset with me can you PLEASE HELP ME find those slipper please call me it 562-964-4476