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  • Clearhouse in Shelter Island, New York, by Stuart Parr Design
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  • The ParrLuxe Sea Cabana

Calling all jet setters! Developer and designer Stuart Parr’s latest creation offers a new (and portable) take on luxury seaside lounging.

The idea behind the Sea Cabana comes from…
One time I was a fortunate guest on a 250-foot yacht. I noticed it was four flights up to lie in the sun and four flights down to jump into a sea that may be full of jellyfish. And as I looked out from where the boat was moored on the Italian coast line, not only was there no beach, because of the rocky shore, but there was nowhere to lounge.
The inspirations it shares with my architectural work…
Sea, sunlight and air. Being influenced by my previous residential design, the Sea Cabana has a generous soft curve, skipping the right angle of a more commercial product.
My on-board essentials include…
Listening to Otis Redding, any James Ellroy novel, but most importantly, a big enough picnic basket to last you through the day and night. The Sea Cabana can be quite enchanting with lanterns.
You can find my Sea Cabanas…
All over, from Hong Kong and Greece to the Hamptons. Most notably, having just started, we’ve sold to Aman Resort in the Caribbean and two to the King of Morocco.
Next up…
Fortunately, ParrLuxe having just launched, I’m keeping up with the high demand, production and deliveries of the Sea Cabana. I can tell you, however, that two other products are in the works. Like the Sea Cabana, they are all eco-friendly luxury water products.

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