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Must-read is an understated review of Jess Walter’s latest novel Beautiful Ruins. In a story that goes from a sun-kissed 1960s coastal town in Italy to present-day Hollywood (with a timeline jump to WWII), Walters’ signature wit is in peak form. As sprawling as the various narratives and characters — including Richard Burton circa Cleopatra — are, it makes for a beautiful read.

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  • Ashley

    Saw this in Barnes & Noble just the other day- will definitely have to pick it up next visit!

  • Victoria

    What a beautiful cover- maybe we SHOULD start judging a book by its cover :)

  • Ashley White

    I really would like to read this. Seems like something that I would love!!

  • Hollywoodregency

    forget the story. o love the book jacket! kudos to all involved in that approval process.