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Photographed by Noa Griffel at Michael’s, NYC
8:40 AM
Early morning taping at CNN Starting Point with Soledad O’Brien to discuss No Mothers Day.
9:00 AM
Ten minutes to get to the Today Show! Excited to speak with Al, Natalie and Tamron about Every Mother Counts.
11:00 AM
Getting ready at Michael’s for the first EMC Power Lunch with some inspiring moms…and a handful of dads.
11:30 AM
Quick photo for the Tory Blog.
3:30 PM
Going to Times Square to check out the No Mothers Day film on the Clear Channel digital billboard.
4:00 PM
Now to meet my daughter Grace at a gymnastics meet!
6:00 PM
Potluck with friends and neighbors on our TriBeCa terrace till my kids put me to bed!

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  • Sarah Jane

    This “quick” photo is stunning! Sounds like a crazy day running around the city

  • Lindsay

    CTB has the most gorgeous eyes!!!

  • Rollingthunder

    Sounds like a bunch of crap.

  • Cormac

    Christy T, will always be the most beautiful of all the models.  Brains as well as beauty :-)

  • Ruth Zaballero

    Christy Turlingon Burns,, she will always be the best fashion model icon this century has seen as she is not only very beautiful and intelligent but has the capacity to leave us all breathless with her ability to work still in her late 40′s and is an avid Women’s Rights Founder of Every Woman Counts and her wonderful film called No Woman No Cry… more power to her and more modelling jobs as well, she is also one of the hardest working mom’s and models anywhere, she is my favorite and always for me, she will be the last model standing… great job Christy Turlington Burns;;;;;;Keep up the good work you so often do each day and thank you for letting us have a peak at what it’s like to be with you for a little while throughout your day…. you have so many loving and loyal faithful and adoring fans…. i am definitely one of them for life…..oxoxox love to you always, from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada ~ Ruthie E. Zaballero ox ox ox ox :-)