Mentorship is a part of our culture at Tory Burch and the Tory Burch Foundation. In that vein, we kick off our Summer Internship Feature with a spotlight on Tory and our editorial intern, Elizabeth Taufield. We celebrate ALL our interns (see the group photo inside) and are grateful for their contributions. See the feature…

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  • Elizabeth Krantz

    Where can we see a photo of all the Tory Burch interns?

  • Jimmy Ng

    Hi Elizabeth,
    Click the photo above and would take you to a bigger page and click arrow to the right and will open another photo of group shot. Good luck to all interns.

  • ✔ GigNo

    awesome =)

  • Tokunbo Owolabi

    How can I apply for an internship in Tory Burch

  • carlota mendoza

    i cant find were to apply for the position. Can somebody help me?