To celebrate the opening of our 797 Madison Avenue flagship (tomorrow!), Tory collaborated with noted street artist James De La Vega on an exclusive capsule collection featuring fish who surf, play tennis and say things like, “If the cup is half full…add water,” one of Tory’s favorite sayings. It will be available for pre-order tomorrow. All proceeds will benefit the Tory Burch Foundation. Here, De La Vega shares his process…


  • Segui Angie

    Omg this is awesome I have been a fan of de la vega for the last 11 years. This a great collaboration. I can’t wait to see the collection.

  • Abrahamsonteresa

    wow , I’m so trill !   I know him since 1997. I love De la Vega’s  Artistic work.!  He brings possibilities to  New Yorkers.