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  • keyanaj

    wow….love every piece! amazing…

  • Elizamacampos

    This is so beautiful!!!! Amazing! 

  • Phrogfrau

    I LOVE IT!  

  • lisa

    adore this kaftan!!!

  • Jodydreher

    I see the Brady Bunch here….I think it was Lil’Bobby Bradys look….   :)

  • 123

    I’m sorry to say that those models are so ugly that your designs look dumpy.

  • Rondi

    love it..want one of the dresses now!!!!

  • Carmelcatania

    if her figure does not look good in the outfits.  I have no chance.  Not figure flattering even on the perfect model. sorry pass.

  • http://twitter.com/s0cial_butt3fly Anna Zeman

    Not a single outfit is attractive–even on a model. Some of the pieces are cute but wow, poorly executed. 

  • Divalyng

    Tory one thing I love about you as a designer you are not afraid of bold colors and patterns. I love your designs, please continue to be bold and daring.